Thomas Kessler

Mathias Steinauer

Leo Dick

Hans-Ulrich Lehmann

Mischa Käser

Maria Porten

Xavier Dayer

Christophe Schiess

Wolfgang Heininger

Beat Gysin

Andreas Zurbriggen

Ulrike Mayer-Spohn

Max E. Keller

Pierre-André Bovey

Giorgio Tedde

Javier Hagen

Roland Dahinden

Markus Hofer

Daniel Fueter

Nadir Vassena

Denis Schuler




UMS 'n JIP @ Simplonpass
, 9/2011




performing at Schloss Solitude Stuttgart,

Adelaide Festival, 03/2012

Erarta St. Petersburg, Rostov City Concert Hall, Bataysk (Russia) 12/2011, 4/2012

Avignon Festival, 07/2010, 07/2012

Théâtre de Valčre,
1/2012, Forum Wallis 10/2006, Gare du Nord Basel 5/2010

Thessaloniki City Concert Hall 12/2012, ITÜ MIAM Istanbul 05/2013, Roaring Hooves Mongolia 06/2012



UMS 'n JIP, Kunstraum Walcheturm 11/2012

pics by courtesy of Kunstraum Walcheturm




JIP, Basel/Stadtcasino 3/2014, Utopia II by Thomas Kessler (SP)

Sinfonietta Basel, Jonathan Stockhammer (dir), recorded by Swiss Radio SF2 Kultur

UMS 'n JIP, Kunstraum Walcheturm 3/2014
, '7 letzte Mahlzeiten' by Mathias Steinauer
pics by courtesy of Kunstraum Walcheturm

UMS 'n JIP, Kunstraum Walcheturm 3/2014
, 'dos ā dos' by Leo Dick
pics by UMS 'n JIP




UMS 'n JIP, Ackermannshof Basel 4/2014
, 'dos ā dos' by Leo Dick
recording session with Beat Gysin, Leo Dick and Mathias Steinauer



UMS 'n JIP working with Mathias Steinauer and Leo Dick, Pantographe Moutier 1/2014




UMS 'n JIP on tour, Sweden 04/2014, Nymus Live! Härnösand

UMS 'n JIP on tour, Sweden 04/2014, Levande Musik/Cinnober Teater Göteborg & Annan Musik Norrköping



Tokyo, Kunitachi College of Music, presenting The Recorder Map
and works by Miyama, Suzuki, Onishi, Hofer, Gysin, UMS 'n JIP



Palma de Mallorca, Spain, ME_MMIX
works by Codera Puzo, Du Yun, de Lautour, Svetlichny, UMS 'n JIP a.o.




Avignon Festival, Theatre Notre Dame
concerts featuring UMS 'n JIP's programs 'silence' and 'Three Voices'
as well as works by de Lautour, Codera Puzo, Bages, Alonso, Suzuki, Miyama, Fuchsmann,
de Lautour, Uzunselvi, Yakin, Lapidakis, Seglias, Papageorgiou, Gysin and UMS 'n JIP




Palma de Mallorca, Ses Voltes/Oiko Logika/Casal Sol.leric
Round Table with Raquel Garcia, Miguel Angel Berbis, Luis Codera Puzo, JIP and Pedro Trotz
Mallorca Summer Academy featuring WP by Carmen Lluch, Xavier Pala, Alan Taylor and UMS 'n JIP's program 'silence'
ME_MMIX Festival concert featuring works by de Lautour, Codera Puzo, Bages, Stockhausen, Steinauer


5-9 JUN/2014
Schloss Leuk (Switzerland), Forum Wallis
dissonArt ensemble performing 'The Collaborative Miniature Project' featuring a.o. works by UMS 'n JIP
UMS 'n JIP performing works by Swiss composers Porten, Keller, Steinauer, Schiess together with Takao Hyakutome
UMS 'n JIP performing works by de Lautour, Uzunselvi, Fuchsmann, Svetlichny (pics by courtesy of Arthur Silve)


Arena New Music Festival 2014 (Arena Jaunas Musikas Festivals 2014) - 31/OCT/2014
2 concerts at the Anglican Church Riga - 'Baroks un Avangards'
with Latvian musicians Sergejs Jegers (countertenor) and Ilze Reine (organ)
works by Keller, Svetlichny, JIP as well as Stradella, Grandi, Gluck and Purcell

Arena New Music Festival 2014 (Arena Jaunas Musikas Festivals 2014) - 29/OCT/2014
lecture at JVLMA 'Is contemporary music a citizenship?'
with Gundega Smite (ISCM Latvia), works by Uzunselvi, Porten, Codera Puzo, Lee, UMS


Encuentros Sonoros Sevilla 2014, festival opening concert, 21/Nov/2014
Espacio Santa Clara, works by Steinauer, Gysin, de Lautour, Svetlichny, Suzuki, Codera Puzo, Uzunselvi

Festival Encuentros Sonoros Sevilla NOV/2014
dining with Ensemble Taller Sonoro, proyectoeLe and Spanish composers
Gabriel Erkoreda, Ignacio Torner, Alberto Carreteros, Isandro Garcia
masterclass at the Sevilla Conservatory (recorder map)

Catedral de Sevilla
Museo de las Bellas Artes Sevilla




UMS 'n JIP at Onassis Cultural Center, at IEMA and at the Swiss Embassy in Athens 1/2015
performing works by Swiss, Japanese, Greek and Spanish composers




New Music Festival 'deciBels' Riga (Latvia) 2/2015
Gertrudes Ielas Teatris Riga, 'EINER' - electropop opera by UMS 'n JIP
JVLMA Riga, world premieres by Pousson, Smite, works by Rouvelas, Uzunselvi, JIP




Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2015,
UMS 'n JIP performing Contemporaryologies and Silence,
works by Gysin, Steinauer, Codera Puzo, Kokoras a.o.
workshops with Sherif El Razzaz, Oscar Bianchi,
American University in Cairo / Egypt




Hanyang University / CREAMA Seoul (Korea), 3/2015
UMS 'n JIP performing works by Gysin, JIP, UMS, Codera Puzo and silence
workshops, lectures, world premieres in collaboration with Hanyang University/CREAMA




UMS 'n JIP @ Music Village Mount Pelion (Greece) 18-24 AUG 2014
performing works by Cage, Keller, Schiess, Codera Puzo, Lapidakis, Du Yun
Gysin, Bages, Miyama, Suzuki, Svetlichny, Khrust, Fuchsmann, UMS, JIP
workshops and masterclasses / meetings and rehearsals with composers
Zesses Seglias, Michalis Lapidakis, Haris Kittos, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Gundega Smite
photos by courtesy of Nickolas Chryssos


UMS performing the Swiss Project

Avignon, Palais Royal 7/2010

Maria Porten

Avignon 7/2010

UMS with Swiss composer Maria Porten

Avignon 7/2010



UMS 'n JIP @ musica aperta

Winterthur, Theater am Gleis (TaG), 9/2011

UMS 'n JIP with Swiss composers Pierre-André Bovey, Markus Hofer and Max E. Keller

Bern (Le Cap), Basel, Imprimerie (Schleifferei), 9/2011